About Us

 IRIS Technologies is representing RECIPE, ChromSword, MINERVA, Biotica and invicon diagnostic in North America

We have set up a North American technical office, based in OLATHE, KS, USA in order to serve our customers in the USA and Canada efficiently. 

IRIS Technologies North American office:

15984 South Clairborne Street , OLATHE, KS, 66062, USA

Phone: +1.404.348.4130, Fax: +1.404.806.9525,  info@iristech.net

IRIS Technologies Europe:

IRIS Technologies International GmbH is registered in Germany:

Bahnhofstrasse 5, 98744 Cursdorf, Germany, Phone:  +49.36705.21634, info@iristech.net

www.iristech.net,  www.iristechnologies.net 
You can order by fax +1.404-806.9525 or e-mail info@iristech.net